Who or what is kvest?

kvest offers automated pretests engineered by EARSandEYES. Automated market research tools by kvest allow you to consult the target groups that are relevant to you at any time, with just a few clicks. Your interactive Live Dashboard will tell you immediately, how well your concepts, campaigns, designs, logos, names, claims or covers are being received. Convince your in-house or external customers with kvest-based decisions.

Who or what is EARSandEYES?

Having started in 1998 as pioneers of online market research, EARSandEYES continues to open up new pathways today as an innovative full-service agency, offering clients optimised solutions to their specific problems. With dedicated market researchers and consultants who are passionate about what they do. This was the mindset that gave rise to kvest: We want to make market research accessible even to those who do not deal with it on an everyday basis. And we are making market research faster and simpler, so as to support you straightforwardly in your decisions.

What are the advantages of automated pretests?

Thanks to kvest, you can draw on the advantages of classical market research online. This speeds up your decision-making paths and minimises the cost to you. From the selection of the methods to the Live Dashboard, you are in control of the entire process which conveniently takes just a few clicks of a mouse. Briefings, harmonisation and fine-tuning as well as long project times are water under the bridge for kvest customers.

Do you need special training to use kvest?

No training is necessary. kvest is an intuitive tool which will support you in your everyday work. The tool is entirely self-explanatory, so that you will have no trouble finding your way around it. And if you do ever have a question, our support team is available to you from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Berlin Time) over the phone: +49 40 822 240 300

Surveys using kvest

What can be tested using kvest?

kvest can be used to test the latest concepts, ads, claims, logos, product and brand names, or cover pages. Of course, we are constantly working on new methods, which we will make available to you little by little when they are ready. Our surveys are conducted online, in order to reach your target group as well as possible and to get answers quickly.

Do I have to come up with the entire questionnaire on my own when I use kvest?

kvest Tests are based on standardised questionnaires which have been developed in keeping with scientific standards in product, consumer and innovation research. Our tests are monadic in their design, meaning that each respondent only sees and rates one stimulus. The survey is carried out online. Because of this, kvest can provide you with meaningful, presentation-ready results within just a few days.

How are the results presented?

The ready-to-present results are available for you at all times from the kvest Live Dashboard. The results are easy to understand and provided in the form of presentation-ready diagrams. The Management Summary contains all the important results at a glance. In addition, the kvest Score will show you which of your stimuli performed the best.

Who is interviewed in kvest?

Our surveys are carried out in our own online panel. At any time we can access some 22,000 consumers all over Germany. Of course, we are committed to adhering to strict guidelines and the quality standards that apply to online surveys. Our in-house survey software allows surveys to be generated with a responsive design, so they can be completed on any device. This means we can interview even very specific target groups in sufficiently large numbers. Alternatively, you can invite your own respondents, e.g. via a newsletter or direct mailing campaign. In this case, you will receive a link at the end of the final configuration which you can afterwards forward to respondents. The results will be displayed on the kvest Dashboard as usual.

Registration and payment

What happens after I have registered with kvest?

As soon as you have registered, which is free of charge, you will be given access to the kvest configurator. You can click your way through this just as you please. For example, you can decide whom you want to interview and how many respondents you want to interview, and then upload your test stimulus. Throughout the configuration process, you will of course also see how much the kvest survey is going to cost you. Whether you actually launch the survey, and when, is entirely up to you. The preconfigured survey will remain in your account until you have decided how to proceed. Naturally, you will only have to pay when the survey is actually carried out.

How much does a kvest Test cost?

kvest is market research on demand. You only pay for surveys that you have actually conducted. The price is calculated during the configuration process and depends on the type of test, the number of respondents and on your test stimulus.

How do I pay for kvest surveys?

You can pay for kvest conveniently by credit card. After purchasing a study, you will receive your invoice by e-mail. In addition, the invoice is deposited in your account.

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