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Let consumers evaluate your product ideas, packaging designs and campaigns in just a few steps. Follow the results on the live dashboard and make sound decisions within a very short time.

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Your market research results on Live Dashboard

Thanks to automated processes, our clearly structured dashboard is available to you after the first interviews. You can compare the performance of all stimuli in real-time - ideal conditions for agile work processes.

Our Management Summary provides an overview of the top-2-boxes of the KPIs of the respective kvest test.

Using live significance and kvest score, you can quickly and unambiguously record the strengths of the individual stimuli - for the total sample or different subgroups.

You have the opportunity to show and hide details. With just one click you can filter results not only by gender, but also for (non-)users of your category and different test brands. You can also hide individual stimuli in order to concentrate on the variants that are of interest to you.

The detailed display of individual questions provides you with a clear comparison of the tested stimuli on all scale points with integrated mouse-over effect - also filterable by different target groups.

Good reasons for kvest

  • Standardised tests in Ø 48 hours

  • Clear Live Dashboard of the results

  • No license binding

  • Internationally applicable

  • Quick decisions based on relevant KPIs, such as Liking, Brand fit, Differentiation, Purchase intent

  • Self-service market research by EARSandEYES, based on more than 20 years of experience

  • Consulting and support by market research experts

Overview of kvest Tests

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