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2019-08-29 | 11 a.m.

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Good reasons for kvest

How kvest works

  • Self-service market research: kvest is a platform for carrying out standardised tests engineered by EARSandEYES.
  • Processes: We reduce the time it takes to complete your project by automating the survey, analysis and presentation.
  • Scientific methods: Help yourself from a portfolio of sound scientific methods.
  • Own online panel: Test your stimuli in our panel, or invite your respondents yourself.
  • Transparent pricing: While you are configuring your project, the price will be displayed to you - no licence fee.
  • On all devices: You can view your results wherever you are. kvest is responsive.

What kvest offers

  • In 48 hours, on average: You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your test stimulus within 2 days.
  • Portfolio: We can test commercials, concepts, campaigns, designs, logos, claims, names and cover pages for you.
  • Configuration: Choose your target group, product category and the number of monads with a few clicks.
  • 5 stimuli in parallel: Upload your designs and your strongest benchmark, for the sake of comparison.
  • Live Dashboard: The first results of the survey are displayed immediately, so you can consider their implications at once.
  • Download as PPT and PDF: Download the results as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation.

Overview of kvest Tests

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