kvest Ad

kvest Ad

Check the advertising impact of your ads

Powerful print ads call for creativity and craftsmanship. In order to stand out in an advertising context and arouse the interest of potential customers, everything has to be just right, from the visuals to the claim. kvest Ad allows you to test the advertising impact of your print ads - also compared with your competition. That way you can identify potential ways of optimising them early on, and specifically tackle those.

Advertisement test with real-time Dashboard

What kvest Ad offers

  • In Ø 48 hours: Test your ads during creation in Ø 2 days.
  • 6 campaigns simultaneously: Check your ads and compare their results with relevant benchmarks.
  • Standardised, monadic test: Each respondent sees and evaluates only one advertisement.
  • Live results: Track the rating of your ads live and draw the first conclusions. The presentation of the results is in your survey language.
    NEW: Benchmarks are automatically available in the management summary.
  • Download as PPT and PDF: The results are available to you as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. For international studies, you can choose whether the results should be presented in your survey language, English, or German.
  • On all devices: kvest is responsive. You can view your results wherever you are.

Analysis of your ads

  • Diagnostics: Compare and analyse your ads in terms of relevant KPIs such as Overall liking, Differentiation, Credibility, Brand fit, Category fit, Attention, Memorability, Interest, Content, and Comprehensibility.
  • Word clouds and heat maps: Interpret the free associations and learn from strengths and weaknesses.
  • Customised image items: Ask respondents about up to 6 image items that are meant to describe your ad the best.
  • Call to Action: Understand which of your ads leads to the necessary Call to Action and NPS score.
  • Net Promoter Score: Measure the overall success of your ads via respondents' willingness to recommend (NPS).
  • Additional questions: Integrate your individual screening and precise questions for the exact answer to your research questions.

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