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kvest Video

Testing videos at the press of a button

In order to stand out in an advertising context and to arouse the interest of the right target group, your video material needs to hold its ground in terms of relevant KPIs. kvest Video allows you to test the advertising impact of your television and online commercials - also compared with your competition. That way you can identify the potential for optimising them early on, or select the strongest option.

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Video pretest with real-time results

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What kvest Video offers

  • In 48 hours, on average: Test the impact of your commercials with a project time of less than 2 days; for international studies in 4 days, on average.
  • 6 films simultaneously: Test your films and compare them with the commercials of your competitors.
  • Online-Panel: Test your stimuli in our panel, or in the panel of one of our premium partners.
  • Live results: Track your results on the Live Dashboard and immediately identify early tendencies. The presentation of the results is in your survey language.
  • Download as PPT and PDF: Download your results as a PDF or PowerPoint file. For international studies, you can choose whether the results should be presented in your survey language, English, or German.
  • On all devices: kvest is responsive and available on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Analysis of your moving images

  • Diagnostics: Compare and analyse your commercials in terms of the relevant KPIs, such as differentiation.
  • Word clouds: Learn from responses to open-ended questions about people’s associations and the strengths and weaknesses of your commercials.
  • Customised image items: Ask respondents about 6 customised image items that your video is supposed to communicate.
  • Call to Action: Understand whether people’s information or purchase intention is reaching the necessary levels.
  • Net Promoter Score: Measure the overall success of your films via respondents' willingness to recommend (NPS).
  • Overview of methods: Please refer to the questionnaire for a full overview of the video test.

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How kvest Video works

kvest Video is based on a standardised questionnaire that has been developed taking into account the theoretical requirements of advertising impact research. Our video test is monadic in its design, meaning that each respondent only sees and rates one commercial or corporate film.

The survey is carried out online in our own panel. Because of this, kvest Video can provide you with meaningful, presentation-ready results within just a few days. Find out more about kvest and our innovative approach to DIY market research here.

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