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Quick, valid results

kvest is a self-service market research tool designed for anyone who needs to reach sound decisions quickly. At kvest, we have brought together our years of expertise to create standardised tests, which we provide to you in the form of a clearly set out and easy-to-use online tool. Needless to say, our tests comply with the latest scientific standards and the general rules and regulations of market and opinion research.

Our kvest Tests will generate insights and answer your questions - clearly presented and without ambiguity. The ready-to-present results are available for you at all times from the kvest Live Dashboard. Benchmarks for the most important KPIs enable a quick classification of your results. In addition, the kvest Score will show you which of your stimuli performed the best.

Engineered by EARSandEYES

Having started in 1998 as pioneers of online market research, EARSandEYES continues to open up new pathways today as an innovative full-service agency, so as to offer its clients optimised solutions to their specific problems. With dedicated market researchers and consultants who are passionate about what they do. This was the mindset that gave rise to kvest: We want to make market research accessible to everyone.

Our kvest tests can be conducted internationally. They are carried out in our own German online access panel. Here, every day and at any time we can access 22,000 consumers. By looking after our panel carefully and systematically, we ensure the consistently high quality of our samples. In international tests, we work together with renowned cooperation partners who share our demands for quality and data protection.

kvest for more customer centricity

Automated tools enable manufacturers to integrate consumers into the product development process even earlier and with greater frequency. This enables our customers to secure their decisions quickly and easily in every development phase - the prerequisite for iterative processes and agile working methods.

Whether you are testing initial concept ideas, their implementation in packaging designs, claims, logos, names, and advertisements or commercials: Automation shortens the time horizon and enables the direct integration of consumer feedback into your own decision-making processes - two decisive steps on the way to "customer centricity" as a fundamental objective in innovation management.

Flexibility and consulting services

Kvest enables the testing of a wide range of stimuli as well as target groups and allows flexibility, for example in the design of screening or additional questions.

As experienced market researchers, we will be happy to assist you with their formulation and with methodical questions. In individual cases, we recommend conducting an individual study with our EARSandEYES colleagues. With their respective industry expertise, they will develop an adequate study design in order to answer all your research questions precisely.

Website: www.earsandeyes.com

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