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Test logo designs for the optimum impact

A logo needs to be memorable and distinctive, and it must also convey your corporate identity. kvest Logo will support you in selecting the optimum logo for your brand or product. Whether re-branding or launching a new product: kvest Logo allows you to test the impact of your designs on the target group, quickly and reliably, and provides the basis for a well-founded decision.

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Systematically testing logos

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What kvest Logo offers

  • In 48 hours, on average: Test your logo designs while you are still creating them, with a project duration of 2 days; for international studies 4 days are required, on average.
  • 6 logos simultaneously: Examine up to 6 logos at the same time and compare them with benchmarks.
  • Online-Panel: Test your stimuli in our panel, or in the panel of one of our premium partners.
  • Live results: Track the rating of your logos live and make first decisions. The presentation of the results is in your survey language.
  • Download as PPT and PDF: The results are available to you as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. For international studies, you can choose whether the results should be presented in your survey language, English, or German.
  • On all devices: kvest is responsive. You can view your results wherever you are.

Analysis of your logo designs

  • Overall liking: See at a glance which of your logos is received the best, and analyse why.
  • Diagnostics: Compare the ratings of your logo designs in terms of relevant KPIs.
  • Word clouds: Learn about associations as well as strengths and weaknesses from people’s open-ended responses.
  • Customised image items: With kvest Logo you can ask about up to 6 customised image items which your logo is meant to convey to consumers.
  • Overview of methods: Please refer to the questionnaire for a full overview of the logo test.

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How kvest Logo works

kvest Logo is based on a standardised questionnaire that has been developed taking into account the theoretical requirements of advertising impact research. Our logo test is monadic in its design, meaning that each respondent only sees and rates one logo or icon.

The survey is carried out online in our own panel. Because of this, kvest Logo can provide you with meaningful, presentation-ready results within just a few days. Find out more about kvest and our innovative approach to DIY market research here.

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