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kvest Cover

Cover A or Cover B? Quick test in real-time

No second chances for first impressions: The cover page is the most important advertising space available to your publication at the POS. Use its full potential! A good cover will not only animate existing customers to buy your magazine or book, but also potential new ones. kvest Cover allows you to check the impact of your cover page and so provides the basis for well-founded solutions.

A quick test of the cover’s impact

What kvest Cover offers

  • In Ø 48 hours: Check whether your front page is effective and implement the feedback in time.
  • 6 covers in parallel: Check your designs and compare their results with your strongest competitor.
  • Standardised, monadic test: Each respondent sees and evaluates only one cover.
  • Live results: Track your results on the Live Dashboard and immediately provide feedback. The presentation of the results is in your survey language.
    NEW: Benchmarks are automatically available in the management summary.
  • Download as PPT and PDF: Download your results as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. For international studies, you can choose whether the results should be presented in your survey language, English, or German.
  • On all devices: kvest is responsive and available to you and the respondents on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Analysis of your cover page

  • Diagnostics: Compare and analyse your ads in terms of relevant KPIs such as Overall liking, Differentiation, Brand fit, Category fit, Attention, Memorability, Interest, Content.
  • Heat maps: Use heat maps to see the strengths and weaknesses of your designs at a glance.
  • Customised image items: Complete up to 6 image items that you want your cover to convey to your readers.
  • Call to Action: Find out which cover leads to a higher buying intention.
  • Additional questions: Integrate your individual screening and precise questions for the exact answer to your research questions.

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