kvest Claim

kvest Claim

Test advertising impact using real-time data

Your advertising claim, or slogan, is the central element of your communication strategy. Its aim is to communicate the brand message to the outside world in a few succinct words. For this reason, you should not take any risks when it comes to the impact of your claim. kvest Claim tells you which of your claims works best with potential customers.

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Knowing quickly whether your slogan is a good fit

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What kvest Claim offers

  • In 48 hours, on average: Test the impact of your advertising claims even while creating them, in 2 days; for international surveys in 4 days, on average.
  • 6 claims in parallel: Check up to 6 advertising messages and compare them with those of your competitors.
  • Online-Panel: Test your stimuli in our panel, or in the panel of one of our premium partners.
  • Live results: You will immediately see the results on the Dashboard and can deduce their implications. The presentation of the results is in your survey language.
  • Download as PPT and PDF: Download your results as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. For international studies, you can choose whether the results should be presented in your survey language, English, or German.
  • On all devices: You can view your results anywhere, whether you are away from the office or in a meeting.

Analysis of your claims

  • Overall liking: Check which of your slogans is received the best, and analyse why.
  • Diagnostics: Compare the ratings of your claims in terms of relevant KPIs, such as brand fit.
  • Word clouds: Learn about people’s associations as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your claims from open-ended responses.
  • Customised image items: Complete up to 6 customised image items that your claim is meant to communicate.
  • Overview of methods: Please refer to the questionnaire for a full overview of the claim test.

Testing claims without a great to-do

Select kvest Claim from the overview of test types

Configure claim test in a few clicks

View results on Live Dashboard

Make decisions based on the results

How kvest Claim works

kvest Claim is based on a standardised questionnaire that has been developed taking into account scientific research requirements. Our claim test is monadic in its design, meaning that each respondent only sees and rates one advertising message.

Our survey is carried out in our own online panel. Because of this, kvest Claim can provide you with meaningful, presentation-ready results within just a few days. Find out more about kvest and our innovative approach to DIY market research here.

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